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At Pumpkin Patch Photos you can have a tailored wedding photography service to suit your needs and have a creative and artistic finished result.

So, What should you look for in a Wedding Photographer?

When you are planning your wedding, whether you have a wedding planner involved or you are taking on the responsibilities yourself, you should have a clear idea of the things you will need early on like flowers, dresses, venue, cake and a photographer. Many people overlook the booking of a photographer in the early stages of planning for their big day, but what they don't realise is the importance of meeting with as many photographers as you can to get the feel for the right one, you can have several meetings with your photographer before the day to get to know them and the way in which they work. The fundamental part of booking a photographer is that they have a good history, so make sure to ask to see a portfolio of their previous photography projects - don't be afraid to interview them as they are providing you with a paid service at the end of the day.

How do you find the right photographer?

One of the best ways to discover the best photographers can be through word of mouth, your friends and family may have used photography services previously and be able to recommend or tell you good and bad points about the service. If you do not have a friend or family member that can guide you then the next best thing would be researching services on the internet, you can use google to search or access thousands of wedding services through an online directory - this is like a phonebook but on the internet. Not forgetting that phonebooks are still available too if you prefer to search the traditional way, these often return great results as they have more established businesses in them.

What will it cost you?

Wedding photography shoots can carry a variety of packages depending on the amount of photos you require and also if you would like video shooting also. You can have all your images on a CD or memory stick to share with friends and family and if you opt for a video to be shot you can have a DVD made with special effects and editing techniques which can be made into a story telling style video. Many people invite round their friends and family for a special viewing of their video and photographs so that you can all re-live the wonderful day or alternatively give a personalised present to someone, they will cherish it. The cost of video and photography packages ranges from around テャテ「堙モテつ」300, up to テャテ「堙モテつ」2000 depending on the package you require, the reputation of the company, the editing involved and the cost of the equipment used. More information on personalised presents

So in conclusion, if you are thinking of hiring a photographer for your wedding you should make sure you shop around and get the best one for your big day, after all this will be the most wonderful and special day of your life so getting the memories recorded is important.